We are starting an online school!
We want to hear what you want out of it.
Brave Schoolhouse will be an online school from the folks at Brave the Woods, filled with creative courses covering everything from design and illustration to self-promotion as a creative. With and a la carte- style course selection, you can choose the perfect class for you.

If Brave the Woods could create your own dream course, what would you want us to teach?

What is the one thing in this course that MUST be included for you to sign up?

How do you like to pay for online courses?

What would you pay for an online class taught by Brave the Woods?

How likely would you be to enroll in classes from Brave Schoolhouse?

Thanks in advance for helping us make an awesome online school!

Classes will be starting soon, so sign up for updates and we will make sure you are the first to know when Brave Schoolhouse opens at http://braveschoolhouse.com

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